Tailings Dam 1 & 2 Augmentation


Xstrata Mangoola Coal required the raising of an existing embankment (previously constructed by KCE) and the construction of a new embankment to ensure sufficient tailings capacity.

Scope of work:

  • 2.5 million bulk cubic meters placed and compacted for the TD1 and TD2 Augmentation project
  • Spreading of rock fill using D10 and D9 dozers in 1m controlled lifts
  • Compaction of rock fill using impact roller (5 sided drum)
  • Supply and installation of decant pipework

Highlights and challenges:

  • The works were coordinated to achieve strict compliance within the vertical and horizontal zones required for material placement
  • Works were conducted in order to match the mining schedule. This necessitated both day and night shift work
  • KCE had to program the works to spread and compact a minimum of 10,000 BCM per day
  • Safety windrows were carefully managed to ensure the safe operation and delivery of material by operation’s mine dump trucks during nightworks