Mt Owen Continued Operations Project


KCE were awarded all five of the civil contracts for the Mt Owen Continued Operations Project. Glencore engaged KCE to construct a 900m realignment of Hebden Road including two bridges. During this time KCE constructed three dams for dirty and clean water at the Mt Owen Mine. In addition to this KCE upgraded 2.2km of the existing mine access road.

Scope of Works:

  • Construction of two bridges – including pour up to 100 cu.m, 5m high in a single pour
  • Construction of 900m of Hebden road and 2.2km of mine entry road
  • Construct the water management piping and pumping system
  • Three new water management dams
  • Works involved bulk excavation and filling, key trench, zoned embankments
  • Culverts and access roads
  • Rock lining of spillways and drains
  • Pumps, pipelines, sheds and associated mechanicals
  • Haulage of material through Thiess Operations

Highlights and Challenges:

  • Construction of reinforced soil wall adjacent to railway
  • Construction of bridge over railway
  • Construction of bridge over creek
  • Water management during dam constructions
  • Sourcing selective clays for dam constructions
  • Redesigns to reduce scope and cost of polypipes and rail crossings