Lower Hunter Riverbank Stabilisation


Spread over four sites on the Hunter and Paterson Rivers, this project was part of the Hunter River Flood Mitigation Scheme, where selected areas of riverbank were stabilised to ensure the integrity of the levee for future flood events.

Scope of work:

  • Excavation both above and below the water along the riverbank
  • Placement and anchoring of geofabric
  • Trim rock revetment from the toe of embankment at the river bed to above the high tide required profile
  • 17,000 tonnes of rock revetment placed over a length of 350m of riverbank
  • Reshaping and landscape rehabilitation of the riverbank
  • Administered under the GC21 Standard Contract

Highlights and challenges:

  • Rapidly changing river and tidal conditions requiring strict compliance and constant review of site specific safety procedures
  • Unknown undermining of existing bank resulted in additional safeguards being implemented
  • Height of access above water level required significant temporary earthworks to achieve required reach
  • Overcame poor access conditions for materials delivery
  • Consideration of and cooperation with operational farming during construction
  • Despite early setbacks to the program, the project was completed on time and under budget