Singleton STP


The project involved the Design and Construction of a new Inlet Works for Singleton Council’s Sewerage Treatment Plant. The new Inlet Works replaced the existing inlet, which was constructed in the 1980’s. It now provides an Inlet Works, which meets current Australian Standards, as well as enhanced the STP’s primary sewerage treatment capabilities to include increased screening and grit removal.

Scope of work:

  • Design and Construction (Civil/ Structural, Mechanical, Hydraulics, Electrical)
  • Reinforced Concrete Water Retaining Structures (incl. Receival Chamber, Grit Vortex Chamber and Flow Meter Pit)
  • Gravity and Pressure pipeline construction
  • Electrical and Control (inc. Switchboard Recycled Effluent Washdown Water Reticulation)
  • Mechanical Fitout (Grit Vortex/ Classifier, Penstocks, Stop Boards, Compactor Screens, Manual Bar Screen)
  • Structural Steel (Access Platforms, Elevated Walkways)
  • Management of live sewerage network
  • Commissioning, handover and operator training

Highlights and challenges:

Worked collaboratively with Singleton Council within an operating Sewerage Treatment Plant. There were many unknown buried services, which were navigated without a service strike. There was no disruption to Council’s sewerage network or treatment plant during the construction or commissioning phase.