Newcastle Airport Gold and Silver Car Park Upgrade


Newcastle Airport is one of Australia’s fastest growing airports with over 1 million passengers each year. This project required an expansion of 62 parking spaces for the Silver car parking area. The Gold car park then needed a number of improvements and reconfiguration to layout and function of the passenger roadways.

Scope of work:

  • An additional 62 parking spaces to Silver car park
  • Reconfigure entry and exit points to Gold car park, boom gates and associated work
  • Bus and traffic control
  • Pavements, drainage and traffic devices

Highlights and challenges:

  • Planning around the continued operation of the airport and terminal was the main objective in the successful completion of this project. Careful consideration of traffic and pedestrian management was undertaken and incorporated into the schedule. This resulted in minor changes to working hours as required to facilitate the operations without interruption
  • All project objectives were met, the job was delivered on time, to budget, with high quality and safety outcomes