Saddlers Ridge Stage 8


This is Stage 8 of the proposed 9 Stages within the Mirvac Development located in Gillieston Heights.

Scope of work:

  • 59 lots
  • 35 lots were tiered with concrete panelled retaining walls up to 1.5 meters high
  • 45,000m3 of bulk and detailed earthworks
  • 730m of new roads and drainage
  • Concrete pathways and accessway
  • Installation of potable and recycled watermains
  • Utilities installation (including sewer, electrical, NBN and gas)

Highlights and challenges:

  • The greatest challenge of this project was the overall earthworks, given the size of this stage (Approx. 37,500m2) and the fact that it is sited on old farm land located on the side of a hill with a huge gully running through the middle of it. The bulk earthworks for this project required the movement of Approx. 45,000m3 of soil to fill and shape area into the new development
  • Given the amount of tiering and retaining walls and the fact that majority of cutting was in very high strength rock this only added to the challenges