Billy's Lookout, Stages 16, 17 and 24


Construction of Residential Subdivision adjacent to existing residences, which included new inground services, construction of pavements, retaining walls, a sound wall, carpark, pedestrian and wheelchair access to the existing train station.

Scope of work:

Bulk Earthworks, services, (including stormwater, sewer, water, gas, comms and power) retaining walls, sound wall along rail corridor, pedestrian (including wheelchair) access to existing train station and pavements.

  • Bulk Earthworks – approximately 60,000m3 of cut to fill
  • Approximately 6500m2 of new pavements
  • 1.4km of new stormwater infrastructure
  • Construction of new biofiltration basin
  • Complex sewer and water infrastructure
  • Approximately 1200m2 of retaining walls installed
  • Integrated retaining/sound wall (1565m2)

Highlights and challenges:

The site was a challenging site due to how steep the natural topography is, this resulted in many benched residential lots with a large number of retaining walls. The site was also concurrently being remediated by the client with underground grouting works taking place during civil construction. Significant rain events on a steep site during construction resulted in many challenges that successfully controlled on site water during the construction phase.