Nords Wharf


100 Lot Residential subdivision

Scope of work:

  • Clearing 10.6 Ha
  • Bulk earthworks – 60,000m3
  • Stormwater – 3km
  • Pavements – 20,000m2
  • Sewermain – 2.2km
  • Watermain – 2.1km
  • Electrical and NBN – 2.5km
  • Crib retaining walls – 1,400m2
  • Post and sleeper retaining walls – 470m2
  • AB retaining walls – 180m2
  • Concrete works including – 2,700m2 path and spillways, driveways etc
  • Mass planting batters and basin landscaping

Highlights and challenges:

A significant amount of inclement weather was experienced throughout the project which created program pressure. As the site was located immediately adjacent to Lake Macquarie, a significant amount of erosion and sediment controls were required to protect the project and the environment.