Maitland Athletics Track


The Maitland Regional Athletics Centre is now a state of the art facility part of the Maitland Regional Sports Complex located next to No.1 Sportsground in Central Maitland.

Scope of work:

  • Clearing and demolition of existing structure/roads/grandstands and skate parks
  • 40,000 sq.m of topsoil strip
  • 9,500 cu.m of bulk earthworks
  • 7,500 sq.m of roadworks including upgrade works and carpark works
  • Stormwater in carparks and athletics field drainage
  • Installation of services for building and track facilities
  • 10,000 sq.m of earthworks preparation for the athletics track and synthetic grass
  • 145 sq.m of retaining walls

Highlights and challenges:

  • Installation of Trunk Drainage line through existing sporting fields through old landfill including treatment of contaminants and dewatering
  • Construction of “Pre Load Stockpile” over route of old Hunter River, including monitoring for settlement over 11 months for consolidation.
  • Civil works for athletics ground including running track, building and grandstand foundation and 2 carparks.
  • Construction of new main access intersection from High St into the Maitland Sporting Complex
  • Preservation of historical artifacts with archaeological consultation on heritage stone pavement uncovered during construction.