Ironbark Ridge


Stages 4B and 5C at Ironbark Ridge consisting of 28 large rural residential lots.

Scope of work

  • Bulk earthworks – 9,400m3
  • 3% lime stabilised subgrade – 7,500m2
  • Imported pavement material (subbase and base course) – 5,000t
  • RCP stormwater (450mm dia & 600mm dia) – 250m
  • Concrete edge strip – 1,400m
  • Two coat seal – 6,000m2
  • 100mm dia watermain – 1,000m
  • 150mm dia sewermain – 890m
  • Turf – 10,400m2
  • Street Trees
  • 1,100m of service trenching (electrical and NBN)

Highlights and challenges:

Inclement weather – management of earthworks processes to reduce downtime / costs and optimise building conditions. Various pavement designs investigated to match ground conditions. Despite early difficulties, the pavement conformed to construction specifications ensuring longevity and cost effectiveness.