Bunnings Wallsend


KCE were contracted by Bunnings to re-construct Minmi Road at Wallsend. The project included a new roundabout intersection to provide access into the new Bunnings store. Upgrades to Traffic Signals on Minmi Rd / Cameron St as pavement works and adjustments were also required to provide greater capacity for existing and future growth.

Scope of work:

  • Complex traffic management and staging works including cyclist and pedestrian facilities
  • Demolition of existing roadways and footpaths
  • Construction of retaining walls, reinforced block walls and sandstone rock retaining walls
  • Stormwater pipe drainage and overland swales including outlet construction to Ironbark Creek
  • Complete pavement re-construction of Minmi Rd and Cameron St widening
  • New roundabout
  • Mill and resheet of existing roads
  • Concrete shared pathways for cyclist and pedestrians
  • Dedicated on-road cycle lanes
  • Relocation and upgrade of bus stops including temporary facilities
  • Reconfiguration and upgrade of traffic signal intersection including additional turning lanes, additional pedestrian crossings
  • Linemarking, street furniture and signage
  • Landscaping including turf, street trees and mass planting
  • Coordination with service relocation works

Highlights and challenges:

  • A strained relationship existed between the public and the stakeholders at the commencement of the project. KCE were able to work with the residents to ensure the work was completed with minimum interruption
  • Accelerated program required and successfully achieved by coordination of resources and scheduling of works. This included double shifts and coordination of multiple work crews in confined work areas
  • Due to delays in Council approvals, the Bunnings Warehouse was complete prior to KCE being awarded the external roadworks portion. Accordingly, KCE’s program of completion was critical to the store opening on time. Milestones were achieved ahead of time
  • Minmi Road was already operating beyond design traffic capacity before the upgrade commenced. Traffic flow of existing roads was managed and maintained for the duration of the works without incident