Newstan Clean Water Treatment Plant

Client: Aquatec-Maxcon

Cost: $2.1M

Capability: Mining Infrastructure

Location: Fassifern

Duration: 30 weeks


KCE were subcontracted to Aquatec-Maxcon during the construction of Newstan’s Clean Water Treatment Plant which has been designed to manage, treat and maximise quality of the mine water prior to re-use or discharge into Lake Macquarie.

Scope of work:

• Underground DICL pipeworks, including the construction of the fresh (recycled water) water supply to the amenities and other items
• Underground electrical conduits and pits, including the conduits and poly piping that would be used to take water samples
• Concrete structures: 5 round tanks, 3 large filtering structures, multiple slabs for other filtering components
• Roads, drainage and parking areas to the facility
• Hardstands and lay down areas to enable forklift and delivery vehicle access

Highlights and challenges:

• Extended working hours and careful project planning to ensure the project completion date set by the State Government was achieved
• Achievement of all targeted project deliverables including safety, environmental and quality outcomes
• Our work resulted in the new plant successfully filtering water, exceeding required standards, allowing it to be safely discharged into the surrounding water systems
• KCE and Aquatec-Maxcon were commended on the achievements of this project in relation to time, cost, quality, safety and environmental performance