Wyndham Ridge Estate


Client: Wyndham Ridge Estate Pty Ltd

Cost: $9.7M

Capability: Residential Subdivisions

Location: Greta

Duration: 36 weeks 


With 248 lots, Wyndham Ridge Estate is able to offer large lot sizes, giving you more space between homes and more of a connection to the countryside. Stage 1 and 2a of the project have created the foundations for a community focussed subdivision featuring parks, playgrounds, and a large open space.

Scope of work:

• 66 000 cu.m of cut to fill
• 41 000t of pavement construction
• 4.4km of kerb & gutter
• 3.6km of stormwater drainage
• 3.2km of sewermain
• 4.0km of watermain
• 3.0km of service trenching (electrical, nbn and gas)

Highlights and challenges:

• The construction works have encountered a significant amount of rock in both earthworks and trenching. This has required works to be flexible with multiple work areas to ensure productivity is maintained while breaking up the hard ground. As a result a of the rock, material has been utlised for scour protection and mass rock wall construction, reducing the financial impact of importing suitable rock material.
• Management of earthworks processes to reducecost and optimise building conditions.
• Various pavement designs investigated to match ground conditions. Despite early difficulties, the pavement conformed to construction specifications ensuring longevity and cost effectiveness.