Client: LWP Property Group

Cost: $65M +

Capability: Residential & Commercial Subdivisions

Location: North Rothbury

Duration: Over 45+ months


The Huntlee development is located just off the Hunter Expressway near Branxton. The development has progressed significantly from its early stages and is on its way to creating a new large community and city centre with residential and commercial precincts in the heart of the Hunter Valley. The stages which KCE have been involved in include a number of stages in the first and second precincts of the initial residential release, Katherine’s Landing. KCE was also involved in the first stage of the commercial town centre precinct which included an upgrade to Wine Country Drive involving road widening & reconstruction and the introduction of traffic signals.

Scope of work:

These stages have involved the creation of
• 500+ Residential Lots
• 9 bioretention basins and 2 detention basin
• 215 000m3 of earthworks and lot regrade
• 20km of stormwater construction up to 1650mm diameter and large Box Culverts
• Utilities installation (including 12km of potable & recycled water, 20km of low pressure sewer, 15km of electrical, NBN and gas)
• 11kV and low voltage electrical reticulation including kiosk
• 120 000sq.m of pavement construction
• 7.8km of concrete block retaining walls up to 4m in height
• Culvert bridge structures on Trition Boulevard in Stage 7 & Stage 17 both involving a large steel truss structure replicating the historical structure of a nearby bridge and providing a feature when crossing into each residential precinct

Highlights and challenges:

• The project has involved cooperating with a large group of stakeholders which have been managed cooperatively with our client.

• The wine country drive works involved significant traffic and pedestrian management as the road was fully reconstructed under live traffic and pedestrian movements.

• The construction works have encountered a significant amount of rock in both earthworks and trenching. This has required works to be flexible with multiple work areas to ensure productivity and new lots are delivered to meet the high sales demand and contractual obligations with purchasers.
• The design and presentation of the estate are a high priority for our client. KCE have delivered a high quality of finish with attention to detail and have been commended for our results in delivered lots at the site to date.