Archerfield Road Upgrade

Client: Rio Tinto Coal Australia

Cost: $450 000

Capability: Mining Infrastructure

Location: Warkworth

Duration: 4 weeks


KCE were contracted by Rio Tinto Coal Australia to carry out works to upgrade the Southern Facility access road (Archerfield Road) from Comleroi Road leading up to the southern bathhouse facility. The length of the road is 1.6km.

Scope of work:

• Design and installation of Sediment & Erosion Control
• Construction of new table drains
• Pavement reconstruction comprising of lime stabilisation of the existing pavement to a nominal depth
• Two Coat Seal
• Asphalting the existing intersection with Comleroi Road
• Line marking
• Traffic Control & Management

Highlights and challenges:

• The existing road was reconstructed under traffic with no disruption to the operation of the Southern Facility
• A significant portion of the upgrade was constructed directly adjacent to high voltage overhead power